10 Signs your Company Needs DataCONNECT for Dynamics

Is DataCONNECT a wise investment for your organization? Well first off, what is DataCONNECT?  Have you ever thought to yourself, 'I can't make any sense of this data' or, 'how can we actually understand what this data is trying to tell us?' Well, DataCONNECT is the solution to those issues. It's a data warehousing solution for Microsoft Dynamics that enables you to create a single source of validated company data that you can trust.Net_New_ERP_Campaign_graphic-02B

 We realized most companies don't understand that they have a data issue or know that there is a solution out there. So, we've put together some signs that you should be aware of that could mean it's worthwhile to look into DataCONNECT:

10. You have no idea whether the information in your Microsoft Dynamics system is accurate or not. Maybe…maybe not. Hard to tell. I should go ask Joe…

9. You still have lots of information that’s never been put into Dynamics. Extra information is stored in spreadsheets, specialty databases, old ERP systems, and other line of business systems.

8. You just bought Microsoft Dynamics and don’t have an easy way to populate your new Dynamics system with records from the prior system. DataCONNECT includes data extraction and data import functionality for historical and archival data.

7. You just bought Dynamics and want to keep the new system clean, but still compare data from the prior ERP system. And…you want to be able to drill down into the historical detail.

6. It takes forever to run reports.

5. By the time your reports have finished being created, the information in the report is already obsolete.

4. Your budgets and forecasts are consistently inconsistent and they don’t have the detail you need.

3. You’ve invested in Business Analytics tools, but the underlying data isn’t reliable and can’t easily be shared with the rest of the team.

2. You want to benchmark and manage your KPIs, but creating the right data model is too large of an investment or too complicated.

1. You just want your ERP data to be correct, and easily accessible - preferably without spending hours managing and manipulating data.

Do any of those scenarios hit home? Honestly, we hope not. Because that means your organization probably isn't operating as well as it could be. But! DataCONNECT provides one version of the truth and can solve those challenges listed above. It’s fast, reliable, and we don’t know what you’re waiting for.

DataCONNECT Data Warhouse helps companies:

  • Cut costs of building data models
  • Reduce risk of using incomplete information to drive decisions
  • Enable access to historical data
  • Receive nearly instant insight and predictive power to make informed, time-sensitive decisions

For more information, contact us today. We'd be happy to answer any questions about how this can be implemented into your business.


Author: Mark Hatting, Business Analytics Practice Director

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