Your CRM or ERP Implementation Might Be in Big Trouble

When CRM and ERP projects fail, it’s not usually that the project team fails to get the software implemented. It’s that the project fails to help the business achieve its goals. Experienced project managers can save a project by identifying – and correcting – problems early-on in a project.shutterstock_1237494658

Fortunately, there are warning signs along the way. The three red flags we see most often are when:

1. The management team isn’t actively involved.

Of course, executives need to delegate tasks, but delegating a CRM or ERP project is a mistake. The management team’s close involvement communicates commitment to the project, and serves to keep the technology implementation aligned with the organization’s overarching business goals.

2. You’re holding too many extra meetings.

One of the surest signs that trouble is brewing is lots of side meetings and communications, which result in continual requests for modifications. If the project has not been properly scoped out, you may uncover issues that make it impossible to stick strictly to the project schedule.

3. The project team is becoming indifferent.

At times, project management meetings can get heated, as departments work to find common ground and solutions to complex issues. Too much friction can be a problem, but even more worrisome is apathy from project participants.

How can you ensure your CRM or ERP project is a success?

  1. Use phase one of your implementation project to completely scope out the project in as much detail as possible.
  2. Identify an executive sponsor who will be closely involved with the project from beginning to end.
  3. Set realistic budgets and resource commitments. Find ways for the project team to offload some of their regular responsibilities to free up time for project work.
  4. Hire an experienced implementation team.
  5. Formalize the change management plan and training processes.

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Author: Howard Hohnadel, Director – Business Transformation

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