4 Tech Trends to Watch in 2018

It’s that time of year again, where everyone wants to know what the hottest technology trends will be in 2018. We see these four areas having the biggest impact for the customers we serve.Blog_02.18.19

  1. Data Security

With so many well-trusted, major corporations experiencing data breaches in 2017, organizations are making data security a top priority for 2018. Having software in place to prevent data security problems is critical. Solutions include:

  • Anti-virus/anti-malware software
  • Backup and recovery / disaster recovery planning
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Being able to remote-wipe devices
  • Updating security policies and procedures
  1. Cloud Computing

The move to SaaS solutions like a Dynamics 365 Implementation will continue to be a major focus for companies in 2018. Cloud computing offers greater agility, while preserving capital. And although some organizations have concerns about the security of the cloud, many experts assert that having private servers is actually riskier. Cloud computing shifts most of the IT Administration responsibilities to the SaaS provider, which lowers both your ongoing cost and risk.

  1. Blockchain

The technology that launched the Bitcoin / cryptocurrency craze to stratospheric heights is garnering the attention of the tech world. Blockchain is a distributed database that enables everyone to work together simultaneously. Using a series of validations, the end result is information that is transparent, secure and incorruptible. Blockchain can be used for identity management to secure financial transactions around the world. We are also starting to see great opportunities within business applications using block chain to support IoT applications, reduce security challenges and secure intellectual property.

  1. Machine Learning

Companies in all industries are seizing the new opportunities presented by machine learning. As more data is processed, sophisticated algorithms systematically seek out anomalies, and learn how to respond without human intervention. From approving credit lines to spotting trends in product defects, machine learning provides big advantages in speed and accuracy.

How does Microsoft Dynamics 365 capitalize on these trends?

Companies moving off MAPICS or another legacy ERP solution will find that Dynamics 365 is a leader in each of these tech trends.  Security and cloud computing are innate features of Dynamics 365. The Dynamics Community site has a great article about blockchain integration with Dynamics 365.  And another one about the future of Dynamics 365 and machine learning. Contact us for more information today.

Author: Doug Bulla, VP Business Development

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