The 5 “AHA” Moments for Managed Services Customers

When customers first begin using MCA Connect Managed Services to get Microsoft Dynamics application support, they don’t always fully understand how managed services really works.Net_New_ERP_Campaign_graphic-02B

Managed Services for Microsoft Dynamics is relatively uncommon, and our offering is different than what Microsoft and other partners offer for full application support.

What are Managed Services for Microsoft Dynamics?

When companies are first contemplating managed services, they typically have a lot of questions, both for us and to discuss internally:

  • Is managed services “worth it”? Will I add business value?
  • What’s covered / not covered in the managed services plan?
  • Who will I work with? How experienced are they?

Most of those details are covered in our MCA Advantage brochure (and feel free to contact us if you have questions beyond that.)

Today I am sharing the 5 big “AHA” moments our customers frequently have once they decide to work with our Managed Services Team.

The 5 Big “AHA” Moments for Managed Services Customers

At some point in working with new managed service clients, many say something to us like,

“WOW! I just never realized…”

1.      “…how much faster/better I could get answers – with so much less stress!”

Anyone who has ever experienced a computer problem KNOWS how frustrating it can be to troubleshoot an issue.

Is it the hardware? Software? Plugin? User error?

Dealing with multiple support technicians from multiple vendors is never fun – especially if you have employees and management breathing down your neck to get the system fixed ASAP.

Using Managed Services gives you a single point of contact. Your service delivery manager works with our internal technical, functional, solution architects, infrastructure, and Azure experts; coordinates with ISV providers, and Microsoft resources, all the while keeping you informed. We do all the leg work to get you the answers and options you need to get the issue resolved with minimal effort, time and stress.

2.    “…why one FTE doing application support wasn’t enough.”

Often to cost-justify using Managed Services, companies will compare the costs of using outside consultants vs. internal full-time employees (FTEs). While this is a standard practice that makes sense in some ways, a lot of times we find our clients don't have enough work to justify multiple full-time employees. In addition, finding all the required skill sets in one individual is nearly impossible.

A lean manufacturing expert who became a programmer?

That doesn’t exist!

(And if it does, I guarantee that consultant is crazy expensive!)

Every MCA Connect Managed Services client gets assigned three dedicated resources:

  • A service delivery manager
  • A functional lead
  • A technical lead

This team works as an extension of your team. One-third times three is greater than one, because you get the expertise and experience of three different people plus an entire organization backing them up. We are so confident in our team that we offer services on a fixed, unlimited basis.

3.    “…what a pain it used to be to get approvals for work we knew we needed to get done.”

Many companies move to Managed Services because of the predictable cost that they can easily build into their budget. Sometimes they forget what a pain it is to get approval to engage with an external consulting team to get work done.  Once you realize how easy it is to pick up the phone for support without worrying about the cost impact, you’ll feel a whole new sense of freedom. MCA Connect offers fixed price unlimited support to our service desk clients.

4.    “…how much the MCA Connect consultants feel like a part of our team.”

People are surprised how quickly our team feels like an extension of their own team. With so many employees now working remotely, face-to-face interaction is becoming less common everywhere.

When the initial implementation of Microsoft Dynamics AX, CRM or 365 is complete, our Managed Services Team continues acting in the trusted advisor role.  Because every business is unique, we offer customizable plans.  You determine the level of support that’s right for your business.

Over time, you’ll get to know your dedicated Managed Services team almost as well as you know your own employees. We’ve had clients invite our team members to company outings, conferences, even send birthday cards!

Your Service Delivery Manager takes ownership of your project, not just being reactive to support requests, but as your trusted advisor thinking of ways to improve your overall experience and optimize your technology.

5.     “…how much MCA Connect would be involved in making recommendations, not just providing support and systems.”

People often equate Managed Services with Technical Support, but our Managed Services includes proactive work as well. Our clients use Managed Services to:

  • Clean lists for import
  • Manage a punch list of open items
  • Customizations & Enhancements
  • Suggest new ideas and solutions (Business Process Optimization)
  • Find ways to improve performance and overall efficiency
  • Security and licensing compliance
  • Code promotions, refreshes, and DB reviews
  • Perform upgrades
  • Conduct trainings

How do you support your Microsoft Dynamics solution?

Have you used a Microsoft Dynamics partner? Have you staffed up internally? What advice would you give to other companies weighing their options?  We would love to hear your feedback.

Author: Darryl Perkins, Managing Director- Managed Services Practice

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