What to Know About Moving from a Legacy System to Dynamics 365

Do you know your existing ERP system is out of date, but you’re still not sure if you should make the switch? The average traditional ERP on-premise deployment is at least two versions out-of-date, but many are even further behind.Blog_02.13.19

And even if the software version has been updated, many ERP solutions are still using a code base that is 30-40 years old. 

 I’m sure you’ve noticed that a lot has changed technology-wise in the last several decades!

5 Things you need to know if you’re considering a Dynamics 365 implementation.

  1. You won’t need servers. The entire Dynamics 365 eco-system is available as a service / subscription in the cloud.
  1. You’ll barely need IT staff. Well, you’ll always need IT staff, but the new breed of IT personnel will work on valuable projects instead of administrative tasks. Your Dynamics 365 system will automatically be backed-up and kept-up, significantly reducing overhead cost.
  1. Your teams can be anywhere in the world. The beauty of cloud-based software is that it’s available on any device at any time. Work from home. Work from Paris. Work in French and in Euros. Or in the US and in Dollars. The global supply chain has never been more connected.
  1. Getting support is easy. Fewer and fewer IT professionals and software consulting firms know the older ERP systems, and underlying technologies. By contrast, “everyone” knows Microsoft and you have layers of support options from Microsoft partners like us and from Microsoft itself.
  1. Building the right solution is easy. Instead of being “locked in” to fixed processes, Microsoft Dynamics 365 gives you the opportunity to grow, changing features and functions as you need them. Buy what you need, when you need it.

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Author: Doug Bulla, VP Business Development

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