Are These Pitfalls Preventing You from Maximizing Your CRM Investment?

Let’s consider this - an organization invests in business applications to modernize its Customer Relationship Management. The business case promises everything and more: excellent efficiencies, staggering cost-savings and wildly happy customers. But, in some cases, all is not as it seems or should be. Roll forward three years and the same shiny systems and interfaces are up and running, but those long-promised benefits have not been brought to light. Sound familiar? You’re not alone.

Many organizations are finding it tough to experience the promised advantages of an expensive CRM system. But things don’t need to be this way. We believe there are four common (but luckily avoidable) mistakes that lead to CRM disappointment. So, our experts put together a guide to identify them and, most importantly, avoid them.

Pitfall #1 – Setting Unrealistic Expectations

We come across this pitfall many times. Big numbers grab the attention of the board, but inflated expectations lead to disappointments down the line. Overemphasizing the impact of transforming business applications can create problems. Instead, build a realistic business case and don’t oversell the tangible (and financial) benefits.Are These Pitfalls Preventing You from Maximizing Your CRM Investment?

Pitfall #2 – Dismissing a Digital Transformation as “just an IT project”

In today’s world, every business is a digital business. So, any change or transformation to a business application is a change that needs to be supported by IT. But that doesn’t mean a business application deployment is solely an IT project. Core business stakeholders should be assessing (and re-assessing) business process improvements and efficiencies. Many teams have an initial go-live date, cross their fingers and don’t come back to review the investment made. The deployment is only the first step. It’s imperative that significant review and development follows.

Pitfall #3 – Overestimating How Much You Can Do Alone

There are multiple moving parts and important considerations to take if you’re going to maximize your CRM investment. It’s a lot for you to cover on your own, so it’s crucial you find a partner that complements your organization. Getting that right means being honest about your capabilities so your partner has a complete understanding. Consider a partner that has access to wider advisory, change management and business consulting experience, which you can call on to support your journey to success.

Pitfall #4 – Under Investing

Don’t be sold on the quickest or cheapest option. Most organizations we’ve worked with underestimate the investment needed for their project to succeed. Corners are cut and the investment required to recognize future value is lost through hastily implemented cost-trimming exercises. Make sure you fully understand the investments necessary to get the benefits you’re demanding.

We also suggest investing well beyond the go-live date. Your systems will need to be constantly optimized and improved once they’re switched on. Going this “extra mile” is often seen as a nice-to-have. The reality? You won’t last long without it.

We hope you never have to experience these roadblocks, but if you are, we’re on a mission to help organizations unlock the full benefits of their solutions and make sure they maximize their investments. Contact us to learn more about how we can support you in your journey.

Author: Rich Weck, Managing Director of CRM Delivery

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