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Topics: Manufacturing

How Smart Manufacturing is Revolutionizing the Industry

I'm sure you've heard of "factories of the future," which has been a well-discussed philosophy among manufacturing leaders for decades. The idea of using cutting-edge technology to revolutionize ...

Topics: IoT & Analytics

Data Estate Defined for Automotive Manufacturers

There’s been a lot of talk for many years about the significant value of data to the corporation, specifically to automotive suppliers. So much so that we often hear experts state how data is the new ...

Topics: Manufacturing

How to Build a Resilient Supply Chain in 2021

Have you recently discovered new gaps in your supply chain? Over the last decade, global supply chains have seen a significant increase in disruptions for many reasons, from natural disasters to ...

Topics: Manufacturing

How Manufacturing Leaders are Adapting Their Business in 2021

In order to understand the future of manufacturing, it's important to understand the industry's current situation and how leaders are positioning their companies for future growth. We surveyed 50 ...

Topics: Manufacturing

What Every Manufacturing Executive Should Know Going into 2021

Even pre-pandemic many manufacturers around the globe were grappling with immediate challenges like keeping workers healthy, maintaining productivity, and inventory issues, while also considering ...

Topics: Manufacturing

Top Challenges Faced by Electronics Manufacturers

The global marketplace is constantly evolving. No other industry experiences more change than electronics. New technology becomes available at an alarming rate. In order to remain competitive in the ...

Topics: Manufacturing

4 Key Technology Trends for Discrete Manufacturers

Discrete manufacturing technology is evolving quicker than ever. Increasing availability of industry solutions and advancements in enterprise systems empower manufacturing companies to maximize the ...

Topics: Manufacturing

Master Planning Does Not Work for All Electronic Manufacturers

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance has some valuable improvements coming for the performance of the existing master planning engine. However, it is somewhat disappointing that it is not addressing the ...

Topics: Business Transformation, CRM, ERP

How Technology Supports Our New Virtual World

The ongoing spread of COVID-19 has changed how many companies operate. Encouraging employees to work remotely is probably the biggest change for those companies, thus making our world even more ...

Topics: CRM, Manufacturing

How to Better Manage the Automotive Bid Response Process

As a company that frequently works with automotive supply manufacturers to implement technology solutions, we find that while some manufacturers have mastered the production process, very few have a ...

Topics: ERP, Manufacturing

Looking to Upgrade from MAPICS? You're not alone.

There are many manufacturing companies that are still running on legacy ERP systems like MAPICS, also known as Infor XA. Many of these companies have the mind set of ‘if it’s not broken, don’t fix ...

Topics: Manufacturing

The Top 5 Automotive Trends for 2020

Some big changes are coming in 2020! With each new year, we seem to be faced with a new set of changes in the automotive industry, far surpassing trends experienced over the past few decades. 2020 ...

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