AXUG Summit – Last Minute Tips!

With the 2016 AXUG Summit right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking seriously about the conference and how you’ll cover everything you want to see in just a few short days.

But…before we even jump into talking about the AXUG Summit, I want to make sure you are aware of all the benefits the AX User Group has to offer. If you aren’t yet part of this group, look into it. Just go to As one of the largest user-to-user technology groups in the world, there are hundreds of educational opportunities available to you. From online forums to regional meetings to regular webinars, you get more than your money’s worth by joining this group. The AXUG Summit is just one of the many great events hosted by this group. (There are also groups for other Microsoft Dynamics products, like CRMUG , which are equally worthwhile!)

OK, back to Summit.  With over 200 sessions packed into just 3 days, upfront preparation for this conference is critical.  We actually put together a presentation to help new attendees understand:

  • How to find sessions appropriate for your level whether you are beginning, intermediate or advanced
  • What the different session types mean
  • How to find ISV solutions that might be a fit to extend your solution
  • Ways to meet people in your industry
  • Why you should build out your profile and schedule on the AXUG Summit Website
  • Where you can find the best opportunities for networking
  • Where there are opportunities to provide feedback to Microsoft
  • Where you can go for product technical support
  • Why you might want to use the AXUG Summit app & where to download

We encourage you to watch this session before you go.



In addition, don’t forget to pack business cards and comfortable shoes.  We are looking forward to seeing you there!