Is the Cloud Secure Enough for Manufacturing?

Manufacturers around the world adopt cloud technology to drive efficiency, build resiliency, and improve productivity. However, concerns about cloud security remain. According to one survey, 93% of companies are moderately or extremely concerned about cloud security, and for good reason. Security breaches can disrupt operations, rack up costs, and forever tarnish a company’s reputation. Choosing a trustworthy cloud services provider is vital, and Microsoft is working hard to earn, and keep, their customers’ trust. Here are five reasons Microsoft Azure leads in cloud security.

Big-time security investments

Microsoft invests more than a billion dollars annually on cybersecurity and employs more than 3,500 global security experts. These seasoned professionals work around the clock to actively monitor and defend against threats.

Strictly controlled facilities

Of course, not all threats are digital. As part of their security investment, Microsoft designs, builds, and operates its hundreds of Azure data centers to tightly control physical access. Gaining unauthorized access is no easy feat thanks to checkpoints at the facility perimeter, the building perimeter, the building itself, and the data floor. Digitally or physically, there’s just no way a typical manufacturer’s data center has better security than Microsoft.

Robust network protection

The Azure shared infrastructure hosts millions of virtual machines, so securing virtual networks is vital. Azure provides the capabilities, tools, and resources to make it easy. These security measures include firewalls, virtual network service endpoints, network isolation, IP access control lists, virtual machine encryption, encrypted communications, threat detection, and more.

Centralized identity and user access management

Properly verifying user identity and controlling who can access what is a critical part of any security strategy. Azures gives manufacturers the ability to restrict access to their environments, data, and applications to authorized users based on role assignment, role authorization, and permission authorization.

Data safeguards

No one wants their data getting into the wrong hands. That’s why Azure helps manufacturers safeguard digital assets through data segregation, encryption, redundancy, and destruction. It also always encrypts data at rest as well as during transmission. Last, but not least, Azure has achieved the highly sought-after ISO/IEC 27001 certification, demonstrating it meets international standards on how to manage information security.

Security leaders around the world trust Azure, including the U.S. Department of Defense and other government agencies. While cloud computing isn’t without risks, Microsoft is dedicated to delivering the highest levels of security, privacy, compliance, and availability. At MCA Connect, we’re 100% committed to the Microsoft technology stack and can help guide manufacturers to the right solution. Contact us to learn more.


Author: Dag Calafell, Director, Azure Solutions

Dag Calafell