Who benefits from data warehousing?

What is a data warehouse?

A data warehouse is the collection of data extracted from isolated systems across the organization. A data warehousing project is the process of identifying, categorizing, cleaning and integrating all business data so it can be analyzed from one source. The data is restructured and condensed in a specific database design known as a dimensional model.Blog_02.18.19

It differs from a data mart, which is typically oriented to a specific department, business line or team.

Why do companies need data warehousing?

Large companies collect lots of information, but they can’t always see patterns in time to adjust their business strategy. Business analytics and business intelligence tools are helpful to slice and dice company data into meaningful patterns, but the answers are only as valid as the information being analyzed.

A data warehouse casts an enterprise-wide net, so your organization can have a “single source of truth” to use in your business analytics projects. Correctly creating data warehousing architecture is extremely important, because the architecture impacts:

  • How quickly you can get answers
  • How fresh the data is
  • How long it will take to create a different query
  • Ability to see leading and lagging indicators in real time
  • Ability for companies to see whether they are improving across the organization daily

Who benefits from data warehousing?

Everyone! Your customers most of all. Executives feel confident they are making the right decisions. Employees are empowered and alerted to take action proactively. Customers get the products and services they want most. Executives are alerted to threatening business problems in real time, enabling to make corrections immediately.

Looking for a Microsoft Dynamics data warehousing solution?

DataCONNECT is the only data warehousing solution pulling information from Dynamics 365 and other ERP systems to enable both detailed drill down capabilities and enterprise insight. This solution comes with pre-built data models and data extraction technology to create a single source of validated company data you can trust.

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Written by: Mark Hatting, Managing Director, Business Analytics