Customer Satisfaction Is Critical To Success

To remain competitive, manufacturers need to be responsive to customer needs and anticipate future needs, which can be challenging when using disparate systems. You can’t access sales, inventory, and customer information quickly when it’s located in separate, specialty software systems. Integrate your data so you and your team can access it faster and provide the superior customer experience that is expected in the hard-hitting manufacturing industry. A single, integrated business management solution, such as Dynamics 365 implementation, can get you closer to the customer data that you need, when you need it. Download this complimentary infographic “8 ways manufacturers connect the dots to improve marketing, sales and service,” to see how capturing all of your customer data within a centralized solution can improve customer service, energize sales, and lead to long-term loyalty. You can capture customer preferences, order histories, communications, and other customer-centric data within Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Sales, customer service, and other departments can access customer account information and respond faster and accurately to customer needs as well as improve other operations. Should a customer call with questions about a current order, your customer service team can open the account and provide detailed information about what they ordered and when it is expected to be delivered. Customers can add to their orders, change orders, or plan new orders without being put on hold or waiting for a call back. This shows a superior level of customer attention that is necessary in this industry. Microsoft Dynamics CRM also offers built-in business intelligence that you can use to identify trends with customer behaviors. You may identify replenishment orders, for example, noting common products that are purchased on a regular basis. Sales representatives can be proactive and contact customers early, which can lead to improved cross-sales and up-sales. In addition, your procurement team can strategize inventory management to make sure you have the products your customers want, without over-investing in inventory. Maximize your resources and save money by preparing more accurate forecasting scenarios based on customer, marketplace, and seasonal demands.2019-02-14_0928

If you can’t respond quickly to customer needs, your customers may choose to work with a competitor. Contact us for more information about using CRM to improve the customer experience and strengthen customer relationships.