Enterprise Data Warehousing for D365 for Operations

March 14, 2017 (Denver, Colo.) – MCA Connect, a Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT, @microsoft) Gold Partner for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), today announced the release of DataCONNECT, a data warehousing solution that comes with pre-built data models and data extraction technology to create a single source of validated company data you can trust.shutterstock_381189169 (1) (1)

DataCONNECT extracts data from Microsoft Dynamics 365, AX entity, data store and databases as well as from your other business systems and spreadsheets to combine them into one single consolidated data model. It is the only data warehousing solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 that enables both drilled down capabilities and enterprise insight.

“During a typical upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics 365, customers lose their historical data, which means they don’t have a good idea of the performance indicators from previous years,” said Howard Hohnadel, Managing Director of MCA Connect’s Business Transformation team. “DataCONNECT enables these customers with access to that historical data, while keeping the new Dynamics 365 system clean.”

“Unlike other solutions, DataCONNECT allows the customer the ability to drill down into the detail, plus it’s much faster than cubes and you can put your favorite business intelligence tool on top of it”, explains Mark Hatting, Managing Director for MCA Connect’s Business Analytics team. “By implementing DataCONNECT, companies are able to cut the cost of building data models and reduce the risk of using incomplete information to drive decisions while gaining instant insight and predictive power.”

MCA Connect industry experts leverage DataCONNECT to help companies fuel their organization with fast, accurate information, giving them the power to predict, adapt and shape operations with record speed and precision. Enabling almost real-time analytics, DataCONNECT quickly pulls your validated data into forecasting models to easily begin and more accurately assist in operational planning.

About MCA Connect
MCA Connect is a Global Systems Integrator and Microsoft Dynamics Gold Partner (ERP & CRM) that delivers and supports operational transformation to help customers achieve a competitive advantage. By combining product and industry expertise with proven strategic alignment methods, MCA Connect can consistently deliver innovative solutions that help clients realize their vision. Founded in 2002, MCA Connect has grown into one of the largest US-based Microsoft partners with offices throughout the United States.

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