Dynamics AX Customers: 7 Reasons to Upgrade to Dynamics 365

Is it time to upgrade to Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations?

Blog_02.04.19When should you switch from the on-premises version of Dynamics ERP, formerly called Dynamics AX, to the cloud-version of Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations? Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations is the evolution of Dynamics AX, adding features like:

  • A complete integrated suite of business solutions with embedded workflow to manage complex, international, cross-company processes
  • Embedded analytics and easy data sharing
  • A secure mobile-first orientation

Mainstream Microsoft support for Dynamics AX 2012 R3 is guaranteed at least through 2021. So, there’s no rush, but there are reasons you may want to upgrade Dynamics before the deadline approaches.

1. When a Hardware Refresh Is Needed

If your servers, computers, and infrastructures are ripe for replacement, moving to the cloud makes more sense than having a big capital outlay on new machines and software.


2. To Lower Total Cost of Ownership

While the software migration isn’t free, many infrastructure and data security features are included in Dynamics 365 that cost extra in an on-premise or hosted environment, like disaster recovery, testing environments and proactive monitoring. You can also flex the size of your user base quickly and easily, which is helpful for organizations with seasonal businesses. We can help you compare the total cost of ownership of Dynamics 365 vs. your current solution.

3. To Add Industry Functionality

Out of the box, Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations comes with improved functionality for:

  • Inventory management and demand forecasting
  • Multisite advanced warehouse management
  • Distribution planning
  • Transportation management
  • Product change management
  • Master data management

If these areas are important to your business, you may want to move to Dynamics 365 sooner than later.

4. To Replace Custom Code

Industry functionality added to Dynamics 365 means that you may be able to eliminate some of your custom code and ISV solutions.

5. To Increase Data Security and Availability

While cloud breaches make big news, experts universally agree that your data is safer in an enterprise cloud-based environment than it is on your own servers. Microsoft has invested heavily in data center speed, availability, security, privacy, compliance, and transparency. Your employees truly can work from anywhere on any device.

6. To Improve User Experience

Employees truly can work from anywhere on any device. With Dynamics 365, it’s easy to create mobile applications. Tons of time-saving productivity enhancements have been added.

7. To Improve Customer Experience

The heart of digital transformation is improving the customer experience. Integrating manufacturing, distribution and retail helps customers get their product faster, configured exactly the way they want it.

Make Your Next ERP Implementation Your Last

We know change is never easy. But implementing Dynamics 365 could be your last ERP implementation ever. Microsoft Life Cycle Services keep your application continually up-to-date, so you can instantly take advantage of the latest features. Services like MCA Advantage will allow you to continually optimize your environment, so you’ll stay ahead of the curve.

If you’d like to learn more about the costs and benefits of upgrading to Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, please contact us or send an email to solutions@mcaconnect.com.

Author: Craig O’Connor, Director of Business Solutions

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