Electronic Delivery Tickets….Duh!

As a Consultant in the Energy Industry, I love to get out in the field. It’s not only more fun than office meetings, but I learn way more about our customers and their challenges this way. This year I was fortunate to conduct a ride along with a prospective client. Our job was to follow the delivery of an oil field pump to a rig supply yard, and we would note and observe the transfer process. On the way to the remote yard site, we rode with the VP of Operations in his very nice Ford King Ranch pickup truck behind the delivery rig for a same day delivery. The VP’s truck was new, clean, and comfortable with all the comforts of a high-end ranch living room. The delivery rig, typical hauler of large oilfield equipment.Blog_02.15.19

What both men didn’t have in his truck was an effective way to manage the transactions tacking place or the day-to-day operations.

A Day at the Rig Supply Yard

Our mission that day was to record the actual activities of the delivery process and field workers and the receipt of the new oil pump.

Once we arrived at the site we were greeted by the company man and we started documenting the process…and it went something like this:

We watched the delivery rig with with the new oil pump stop at the site. The driver got out of his truck and went to greet the company man. A new helping of chew in the lower guns by both, a good laugh, and friendly handshake and both went about their business.

This driver then went back to his truck and spent about 5 minutes sorting through his daily run sheets until he got the proper delivery ticket. He attached the delivery ticket to his clip board and headed to the trailer where he had to release several straps and chains securing the pump.

Back to the cab he went while the forklift unloaded the equipment.

Pause for a moment…

What could the driver do while he is waiting for the equipment to be removed? Not much apparently.

What the driver didn’t do was begin to enter data about his trip in his tablet. Instead, it looked more like picking up the cell phone to talk to someone at the branch office.

Once the pump was safely moved to a smaller vehicle to take the pump into the rig pad area, the truck driver got out of his truck again, secured the loose straps and chains and hopped back into his cab.

And waited…

And waited…

At least 10 minutes went by until the company man returned to sign the delivery ticket.

Mission accomplished. Rig now had both the oil pump and the delivery ticket.

What could possibly go wrong?

Just as we were concluding our visit, the rig pulled out of the yard and got back onto the county road. The rig was slowly gathering speed when suddenly, we noticed an item fly out the passenger window of the rig. Interested to see what this was we slowed, performed a very safe and legal U-turn to see what the item was.

Lo and behold….it was the fresh delivery ticket that had escaped the rig driver’s hands.

I looked at my tour guide and we hypothesized about what the ramifications will be… Tune in next month to see what we learned.

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Author: David Huether, Vice President, Sales & Energy Solutions, MCA Connect