Engage Customers How & Where They Prefer To Be Engaged

Manufacturers and other businesses have many options to reach out and communicate with customers. Engaging customers in the way they prefer to be engaged can lead to stronger relationships and improved customer service productivity. Connect with customers through chat, web, portals, social media, or email as well as by phone, quickly and efficiently. This new digital era offers many ways for businesses to reach out to attract new customers and strengthen ties with existing customers. Using technology to communicate with and engage customers is not only productive, it can lead to a superior customer experience. Our info-graphic, “8 ways manufacturers connect the dots to improve marketing, sales and service,” shows how you can use modern business management solutions, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service, to nurture those important relationships with your customers. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is an integrated, customer-centric business solution. You can manage marketing and advertising activities, sales and customer service data, and capture customer interactions within this powerful solution. With all your customer data within reach, you and your team can respond faster to customers and communicate more efficiently. Should a customer have questions about an order or want to place a new order, any sales or customer service representative can respond promptly and accurately.Blog_02.15.19

Some customers prefer phone calls, others prefer emails, or may choose self-service features before contacting a business. You can use Microsoft Dynamics CRM to communicate with customers on the platforms that they prefer, including tapping into social media. Each online interaction can be captured so that your sales representatives and customer services teams have a complete picture of each customer and provide personalized customer service. You can also open an online self-service portal with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Customers can access product availability or pricing information at their own convenience. Offering web self-service support can reduce costs from over $10 per interaction to as little as 10 cents.

With the support of modern business solutions such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, manufacturers can interact, communicate, and provide superior customer support with greater efficiency. Download “8 ways manufacturers connect the dots to improve marketing, sales and service” and contact us to learn how to engage customers how and where they prefer to be engaged by deploying an innovative CRM solution.