ERP Deliverables: What to Expect When Implementing ERP

Every ERP partner has their own way of implementing an ERP system.

ERP SoftwareEven when partners follow similar methodologies, like the Microsoft Sure Step process, deliverables can be uniquely customized based on the size, scale and complexity of the project.

The implemented ERP software is ‘the ultimate’ deliverable. But deliverables can be anything produced throughout the ERP project, such as:

  • Contracts
  • Plans
  • Reports
  • Hardware / software
  • Assessments
  • Training guides

Deliverables are important because they:

  • Keep the project on track
  • Efficiently communicate progress to all parties
  • Document decisions
  • Outline responsibilities

Here’s a list of common deliverables and the project phase in which they are delivered:

ERP Sales Process Deliverables

These pre-sales and sales documents set the expectations for the ERP project:

  • Statement of Work / Consulting Contract
  • Software & Hardware Requirements
  • Project Kick-off Documents

ERP Analysis

Once the client has engaged an ERP implementation partner, the consultants will begin a detailed analysis. Sometimes this analysis is conducted as a smaller, separate project. They help refine the big picture effort outlined in the pre-sales process.

ERP Analysis deliverables can include:

  • Project Plan & Schedule
  • Project Requirements / Performance Metrics
  • Project Roles & Responsibilities
  • Gap Analysis
  • Technical Expectations

ERP Design

How will the people, processes and technology align throughout the project and after the project is completed? These ERP design documents show how the system input, throughput and output will look.

  • Modeling Scenarios
  • Functional Design Documents
  • Change Management / Issue Resolution Processes
  • Data Migrations
  • Customization Requirements
  • Training Requirements

ERP Implementation

During the active ERP implementation, most of the deliverables center around project communications.

  • Weekly Budget & Status Reports
  • Project Plan Updates
  • Approval of Requirements Updates
  • Customization Progress Updates

ERP Software Go-Live

As everyone prepares to move to a production environment for the ERP system, these deliverables help ensure a smooth transition for administrators and end users.

  • Systems Testing Document
  • Go-Live Checklist
  • Support Transition Documents

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Author: Mike Green, VP Solution Consulting

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