Formula 1 Teams Using Microsoft Dynamics AX

It is no surprise that business and sports collide on a regular basis. Both disciplines entail highly competitive landscapes, employ hard charging professionals, strive to grow their market and Lotus F1 Racing Team utilize every competitive advantage they can to surpass their goals consistently. Being a part of two pinnacle entities such as Formula 1 racing and that of the Enterprise’s central nervous system technologies, ERP, specifically Microsoft can only get one’s heart racing more quickly. Fortunately, I have been able to enjoy this observation up close and personal, where very few individuals can. We have also been fortunate enough to share this experience with some of our valued clients and prospective clients so they too can learn from the best in their respective fields.Blog_02.15.19

John Biegel, Global Director of Manufacturing Systems
If anyone can appreciate the use of technology in today’s business and sporting world it has to be Dell Computer Corp. Here, John Biegel, Global Director of Manufacturing Systems takes it all in by immersing himself in the paddock. John offered to help the technician behind him but we doubted they could both get their arms in the space reserved normally for the front brakes and wing actuators.

It is no coincidence that Microsoft Dynamics and the Lotus F1 team have partnered to demonstrate first-hand the power of pinnacle powers to achieve success. Lotus, a front runner in the sport which also has many years of racing experience and the championships to show for it, has looked to Microsoft to provide a competitive edge to cram more speed into every lap. Manufacturing efficiency leads to better R&D, stronger design capability, efficient production of extremely expensive and one-off components, and at the end of the day protecting the coveted pilot as he achieves top speeds in excess of 220 mph. Think of the integrity every aspect of a car must have in order to not just function, but function in the most demanding of environments. If these vehicles had wings, they would fly. An enormous amount of technology and engineering is utilized to ensure these amazing vehicles remain well planted to the asphalt.

Similarly, Lotus utilizes the top technology and business process support from Microsoft Dynamics AX to ensure manufacturing and the billions and billions of lines of data can be analyzed to help drive the team to its greatest results possible. While this all sounds great, there is nothing quite like experiencing this up close as our clients were able to see due to the incredible collaboration between Lotus and Microsoft.

Superior Energy’s Phillip and Suja Pappan
Superior Energy’s Phillip and Suja Pappan getting to see how Lotus leverages Dynamics AX2012 for their extensive engineering and manufacturing needs. Disregard the author sporting his BMW colors…how taboo! Like Lotus, Superior manufactures mission critical equipment so I know this meant some level of reassurance to this CIO.

I am sure our clients will never look at an F1 car the same! Thank you Team Lotus and Microsoft for an amazing experience!