How to Get Started with IoT

The key to launching your first IoT project is to start small.Blog_02.18.19

Internet of Things (IoT)
devices are taking the manufacturing world by storm. At Industry of Things World 2017, we were proud to take the stage along with Dell Technologies and Microsoft to share how Dell Technologies approached their first couple of IoT projects.

Talking to participants at the show, we realized that many manufacturing companies are feeling overwhelmed by all of the options and opportunities that IoT presents.  In a prior blog post, ‘Where The Rubber Meets The Road At Dell Technologies’, I shared 5 key IOT takeaways that we learned from Dell’s IoT implementation. But if I could give just one piece of advice, I would say… start small!

Starting small is the key to starting an IoT project

So many people envision using IoT for these massive million dollar MES replacement projects, where the IoT sensor is used to route materials down the assembly line. Getting funding and approval for a project of that scope and scale is going to be very difficult and comes with a lot of risk.

Instead, I would encourage you to find a very small scale project that has low expense, low risk and high value to the organization.  And rather than thinking about IoT in terms of having the device “take action”, think about the data you’d like to collect. How can you use that new information to improve efficiency?

Have you done an IoT project yet? What advice would you share?

Author: Doug Bulla, VP - ERP Business Development

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