How Mobility and IoT are Transforming Field Service in Manufacturing

Internet of Things (IoT) and big data are transforming the way companies operate. Manufacturers that are willing to embrace modern technology, such as field service software, will transform the roles of their field techs, improve efficiency of service, and reinforce tech safety. This blog dives a little deeper into how IoT and mobility are impacting field service in the manufacturing industry.

Increasing Resolution Ability

Resolving equipment issues quickly and efficiently is key to achieving profitable field service. But most of the time, technicians are unable to gather the appropriate details for achieving quick resolution, meaning technicians will most likely have to return to job sites more than once. The advancement of IoT and mobility is eliminating the need for return visits because more jobs are completed right the first time. How? By implementing smart devices and IoT sensors into your manufacturing equipment, your system will log performance in real-time and crunch data to reveal analytics insights to your technicians. So, they have accurate, real-time data they need to get jobs done right the first time.

Improving Opportunities for Predictive Maintenance

It’s obvious that diagnosing and addressing issues before they even happen would be ideal in any manufacturing organization, saving time and money. And as more equipment gets embedded with IoT sensors, the opportunities for predictive maintenance will likely increase. But remember, there is an important difference between predictive and preventative maintenance. Preventative maintenance means performing tasks at regular intervals to avoid major breakdowns. Predictive maintenance, on the other hand, means using data from the sensors to gather insights to better understand the equipment and predict exactly when a specific piece of equipment might fail or needs to be replaced. Utilizing IoT sensors and the data extracted from them, your manufacturing field service operations would be revolutionized by delivering more accurate equipment performance reports, lifecycles, and more.

Increase in Focus for Mobility

One of the best ways to quickly and accurately respond to job requests is to prioritize mobility. It’s now easier than ever before to tap into mobility, thanks to the expansion of mobile devices and connectivity through IoT. By delivering real-time data to technicians via mobile, they are enabled to access essential case information from anywhere. Mobility can also be used to provide technicians with remote step-by-step guidance for better first-time fix rates or to establish a direct line of communication between the technician and a manager to help them work through issues remotely, thereby increasing first time fix rates.

Field Service in your manufacturing organization doesn’t have to be reactive anymore – it can be proactive. If some of your goals are to increase first-time fix rates, empower your technicians, and save time and money, then the next step would be to learn more about MCA Connect’s Connected Field Service solution for Manufacturing that can provide you with all the above and more.

Contact us to chat with a field service expert about our connected field service solution, which is built on Microsoft Dynamics 365, and how it can transform your field service operations.

Author: Mike Green, VP Solution Consulting

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