International Microsoft Dynamics AX Implementations

If you have ever been involved in an international Microsoft Dynamics AX implementation, you know the importance of having local consulting talent in order to achieve success. The process of finding the right local talent can be difficult and costly.Blog_02.18.19

Picking an AX Partner

In the past when I needed to find an international partner, I traveled to each country armed with 3 recommended names and then I would vet each partner on different criteria important to mcaConnect and its customer. From this interviewing process, I would pick a partner, further educate them on our approach, and then work side by side with them to ensure our customer’s expectations were being met. This approach has worked very well for us and as a result we have some very strong strategic alliances with other Microsoft Dynamics AX partners around the world.

As you might imagine, however, flying across the world and hand-selecting partners is a time-consuming process and carries with it some inherent risks. Even with the best of vetting process, the alliance could prove wrong for us and then we are back to the drawing board searching and selecting a new partner, causing delays and increasing the costs associated with our customer’s projects.

Growth of International Projects

Today nearly all of our new customers have global operations spread across multiple countries. We needed a more efficient way to expand our alliance network quickly without sacrificing quality of partner and process. We needed to minimize the risk, finding partners who not only knew the product, process and geography – but who were willing and able to manage the complexities of an international collaborative project.

As a result of this need, we are pleased to announce our membership to AXpact, an international alliance of Microsoft partners. AXpact is comprised of 30 partners in 80 countries. We are proud to represent AXpact here in the US and also in Brazil through our branch office in Sao Paulo. This membership immediately expanded our international network of partners and with AXpact’s stringent evaluation criteria, solidifies that we have access to the best partners around the world. AXpact constantly monitors this network to ensure the quality that is expected is consistent throughout the membership. In addition, all members follow the same implementation methodology insuring quality and consistency throughout all of our global implementations. If you wish to learn more, I encourage you to check out their website,

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Author: John Spencer, Vice President of International