Is an ERP Solutions Upgrade Right for You?

Blog_11.15.17_graphic1When your organization invests in ERP solutions technology, it’s natural to want to extend and maximize that investment as much as possible. However, because technology is modernizing at a rapid rate, older ERP solutions, like Microsoft AX, are quickly becoming outdated and inefficient, preventing businesses from achieving their business objectives. ERP systems are intended to increase productivity and boost your bottom line. But how can your system accomplish that business objective if it is not being properly supported and beginning to lack in functionality?

So, when do know when it is time to upgrade to a modern ERP system, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations? You might want to ask yourself the following questions to identify any red flags. Is your current system helping to grow your business or are you just getting by? Are you getting the most out of this crucial technology investment? If those questions have answers you don’t like, you may want to start considering looking into an ERP solutions upgrade.

4 signs that your organization is ready for an ERP Solutions upgrade:

1. Your system cannot integrate
Dynamics 365 F&O has tight integration with other parts of the Dynamics 365 family, such as CRM, so you get an end-to-end business solution containing ERP and CRM. With AX you must use Dynamics CRM separately, which results in clunky processes and less efficiency.

2. Your AX system is reaching its end-of-life
The original Dynamics AX has now been officially retired, and Dynamics AX is no longer available to new customers. Existing AX customers are still able to purchase additional licenses, but these are subject to the new Dynamics 365 licensing model. In this instance, you might be able to save money in the short-term but waiting too long to upgrade means when you need a new system, you will have to jump several versions at once. This could result in a hefty upgrade project for you and your team.

3. You don’t have access to actionable insights
With older systems, data can become increasingly hard to interpret. With access to artificial intelligence-powered business analytics services, and more-comprehensive sets of business data, Dynamics 365 massively outstrips previous versions of AX in terms of reporting and business intelligence.

4. No cloud functionality
The new version provides cloud-based ERP solutions that can be used everywhere without the large infrastructure footprint of AX; on-premise or hosted by partners.

Taking the next step

Did any of those situations resonate with you? If so, and you’re beginning to doubt the efficiency of your current ERP solutions system, now is the time to consider upgrading.

You’re reading this blog, which means you’ve started research – which is great! But now it’s time for next steps. Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations will take your organization into the next level of business applications. Contact us to discuss how upgrading to modern technology can improve your business.

Author: Craig O’Connor, Director, MCA Advantage

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