Jump!!! Ready… Set…

When I was six years old, I broke my arm in a heroic attempt to prove that I could fly.  The plan was simple.  Climb a chest of drawers and jump before I think it through.  Then magically, I expected all of life’s cards to naturally fall into place as the stars align just perfectly.  I was gambling with the notion that sheer luck was nothing more than a simple matter of choice.  That perception remained with me right up until I attempted my legendary leap.  BOOM!!!  Experience proved otherwise.2019-02-14_0928

Companies often toying with the idea of implementing new business methodologies or large system implementations like a Dynamics 365 implementation find it easy just to assume that by “Jumping” into such a change, the stars will magically align perfectly to achieve future goals and objectives.  This is a common struggle and one of the main reasons why most implementations take much longer than originally planned.

Just as I found out with my legendary leap, heroism is not jumping and assuming luck is a simple matter of choice, it is jumping when you have a clear vision of where you are landing and how that positions you to fundamentally achieve goals.

How do we find our footing for minimal impact and optimal positioning?  It is done through properly performing a Rapid Opportunity Assessment as part of the overall change.  A Rapid Opportunity Assessment takes an in-depth view of the organizations readiness to take on a methodology change and/or system implementation.  It takes place at a number of levels; Business preparation, Financial Fro-forma, Manufacturing maturity, Discrete or Lean readiness, and Current vs Future state market positioning.  Taking the appropriate time to engage in a Rapid Opportunity Assessment is the bridge that eliminates luck as a simple matter of choice while providing a real framework to achieve the desired outcomes.

The concept of “Jump, Ready, Set” vs “Ready, Set, Jump” may be something that always haunts a six year old because of the lack of maturity.  However, that same “Jump” before you think it through process can be detrimental to an organization’s bottom-line.  True heroism comes from a successful methodology change and/or systems implementation that exceeds expectations and defined timelines.  Rapid Opportunity Assessments combined with change will give you a clear visions of where an organization can expect to land once it takes its legendary leap.  So, “Ready…, Set…, Jump!!!”

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Author:  John Cowden – Senior Consultant, Strategic Services