Modern Technology for the Industrial Equipment Manufacturing Team

With the modern technology available today, industrial equipment manufacturers can take advantage of new manufacturing opportunities by connecting business systems that give them a better view of all operations. The software applications of Microsoft Dynamics 365 help manage fundamental business areas from sales and marketing through to customer management by seamlessly integrating these functions into a unified cloud platform and analyzing the data generated. In this blog, we’ll cover how the different Dynamics 365 applications can help each department successfully complete their part of the manufacturing process.

Highly Complex Sales Quotes: Customers are the lifeline of your business and we know understand the sales quotes can be highly complex. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales is a solution that your sales team can use to create highly configurable sales quotes, up-sell and cross-sell to new and existing customers, create complex engineered orders, and create sales invoices for customers. Your marketing and sales teams will have all the tools they need to identify, acquire, and retain clients, and your efficiency and reliability will ensure their loyalty.

Engineering and Production: After Sales inputs a new order, your Engineering team can flexibly manage the huge number of variables that go into production scheduling. Like market demand, equipment and labor capacity, supply chain, among countless others. Dynamics 365 Finance lets them easily create different planning scenarios using visual tools to dynamically adjust production schedules under changing circumstances.

Supply Chain Management: To accurately manage inventory to keep production running smoothly, you need to be able to forecast demand and have a clear and accurate view of where your inventory resides – especially if you use various production and warehousing locations. The tools in Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management are designed to help you strategize on distribution plans, manage warehouses, supervise quality control, handle material procurement and sourcing, and even enhance your supplier relationships with tools that make it easier for them to sell to you.

Repairs and Servicing: First, your equipment needs to be installed. Then, there is a possibility it will need to be repaired in the future to stay on schedule. Integrate all your installation and service functions into one solution for proactive field operations. By improving the free flow of information, Dynamics 365 Field Service can decrease wait time and streamline processes, resulting in increased productivity, improved scheduling, reduced costs, and increased customer satisfaction.

Business Intelligence and Reporting: A prime asset of Microsoft Dynamics 365 is Power BI and its ability to generate reports that give manufacturing executives the information they need for actionable decision-making. Understanding more about your financial condition, your production performance, your supplier and distributor networks, and other important factors, will help you to make business-critical decisions that can propel your organization forward.

Dynamics 365 operates in the Cloud, allowing all departments in your company, each with their own focus and requirements, to work with the same data, customer records, support cases, work orders, purchase orders, invoices, and other financial data so everyone is on the same page and has full insight into the lifecycle of the operations.

This blog just scratches the surface of what Microsoft Dynamics 365 can do for Industrial Equipment Manufacturers. Would you like to know how you can leverage this exciting technology to digitally transform your business? We are offering industrial equipment manufacturers a one-hour Live Connected Experience to understand how Microsoft technology can impact each phase of your equipment lifecycle through "a day in the life" of your business. This free offer will demonstrate the value of one, connected enterprise system that can provide full visibility into your operations. Take advantage of this offer here.

Author: Mike Green, VP of Solution Consulting

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