Microsoft Dynamics 365 Support: Selecting the Right Application Management Partner

Looking for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Support?

Looking for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Support?After a Dynamics implementation, many customers decide to move to another Dynamics partner for ongoing support and maintenance. Even when the implementation went well, and the relationship is solid, there are plenty of reasons customers change partners.

Some of the things to consider when evaluating a partner for Microsoft Dynamics Support include:

1. Staffing for Dynamics support

You want to be cautious if your Dynamics partner is using “bench consultants” for ongoing support. These consultants may be called to a new project at any time, and frankly, support may not be the type of work they love to do.

A partner with dedicated support staff, whose only role is support, is much more likely to have lower staff turnover, higher morale, and be more available and responsive. 

2. Predictability of Dynamics services and expenses

Using Dynamics Managed Services or MCA Advantage (support/consulting hybrid) can even out your ongoing expenses. For a fixed recurring fee, you get an ongoing defined set of services. The side benefit is:

  • You don’t have to get pre-authorization internally
  • Small issues get found and fixed sooner
  • Taking proactive steps keeps your system running smoothly
3. Unique business requirements

No two Dynamics implementations are exactly the same. Find a partner who:

  • Knows your industry well
  • Fits in with your company culture
  • Has expertise with Dynamics and the ISV solutions you use
  • Meets specific criteria, like knowing Lean Manufacturing or IoT in depth – or having hours and response times that meet your needs

Want More than Microsoft Dynamics 365 Support?

Dynamics support services are NOT all the same. It’s important to understand what’s included in the terms of your agreement. Below is an example of what’s generally included in each type of Dynamics support plan.

Break-Fix Dynamics

Dynamics Managed

MCA Advantage
Managed Services/Consulting Hybrid

  • Telephone support
  • Email support
  • Service desk
  • Telephone support
  • Email support
  • Service desk
  • Telephone support
  • Email support
  • Service desk
  • Regularly rollout improvements
  • Ongoing proactive monitoring
  • Regularly rollout improvements
  • Ongoing proactive monitoring
  • Manages ongoing strategic improvement projects
  • Staff augmentation
  • Advanced analytics


Find out how your support partner measures up. Download the checklist!

Author: Craig O’Connor, Director, Managed Services

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