Need historical data?

Typically, when companies buy a Dynamics 365 Implementation (or Microsoft Dynamics AX), detailed historical data is not pulled over into the new system.  There are several good reasons for this:Blog_02.18.19

  1. It keeps the new ERP data clean.
  2. A smaller database will run more efficiently.
  3. Mapping and migrating that volume of data will be costly.

However, in some cases, we have clients who really want to have that old ERP system data accessible for forecasting and reporting. Perhaps you want to run year-over-year sales reports, and want to be able to drill into the detail.

In that case, we can build a special connector to our DataCONNECT data warehouse solution that will allow you to analyze your historical data and compare it to the data from Dynamics 365, AX entity and data store and/or other business systems.

Once your historical data has been pulled into DataCONNECT, you can use any of our hundreds of pre-built KPIs to analyze past results or predict future scenarios.

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