Still running MAPICS?

Make the move to Microsoft Dynamics 365Blog_02.13.19

MAPICS, now owned by Infor and re-branded as XA, has been a leading ERP manufacturing solution for several decades now. Many of the largest manufacturers in the world still run MAPICS / XA.

At some point, companies still running MAPICS need to decide… should we upgrade to the latest version? Or move to a different manufacturing solution altogether?

Why move from MAPICS to Dynamics 365 for Operations?

Here are four good reasons MAPICS customers should consider Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations when facing their next upgrade or replacement decision.

  1. R&D Dollars. Dynamics 365 is one of Microsoft’s hottest new products and they’ve poured millions of dollars into its research and development. As good as the solution is now, it’s only going to get better.
  2. The Microsoft Partner Network. There are literally thousands of technology experts who are heavily credentialed and experienced in working with Dynamics 365 and the underlying IT infrastructure. In addition, Microsoft and its partners have multitudes of training programs, user groups, online forums and other ways that your employees and consultants can learn every in-and-out of the solution.
  3. The Microsoft Environment. Microsoft solutions work better together. Your Windows operating system, Office 365, SQL Server, Azure, OneDrive, Dynamics 365, PowerBI, Cortana Analytics and lots of other great tools are continually becoming even more tightly integrated.
  4. Low Upfront Investment, Low TCO & Great ROI. Because Dynamics 365 is deployed on Azure, and partners like MCA Connect has developed solutions and solution accelerators like ManufacturingCONNECT, it has never been as easy or inexpensive to roll out an enterprise manufacturing solution. A new environment with all the right security settings can be spun up quickly. With no servers to buy, you get a low total cost of ownership (TCO) and a great return on your investment (ROI).

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Author: Doug Bulla, VP of ERP Business Development