Is Supporting Microsoft Dynamics In-House More Expensive Than Outsourcing?

Why would you use an outsourced Microsoft Dynamics consulting firm to manage your Microsoft Dynamics applications, rather than hire IT staff to do the work internally? Isn’t outsourcing support going to be much more expensive? Those are questions we are frequently asked and glad to answer.

Many times our clients have internal power users, and perhaps even have an internal resource as their first line of Dynamics application support. But they still use MCA Connect for Dynamics application support, and here’s why:

  1. Breadth of skill sets – One person cannot possibly know everything there is to know about the Microsoft Dynamics application, prior project decisions, internal policies, interaction with the overall technology infrastructure and everything else that goes into supporting an enterprise-wide business application. We use a team approach so our clients have both functional and technical expertise available to them. We can also bring in other industry and functional specialists as needed.
  2. Depth of expertise – A Microsoft Dynamics partner who supports the system every single day can stay on top of changes in the application and the technical environment. An application support team can see trends across customers, and stay on top of updates from Microsoft.
  3. Hidden inefficiencies – The most expensive part of supporting your own Dynamics application is the cost of those hidden inefficiencies. You may not know that these missteps are costing you money, because you never even considered that there might be an easier, more efficient way to approach the problem. Consider these questions to consider:
    • Do you have the Dynamics workload to keep fulltime resources 100% utilized?
    • When a problem does occur, can you pull in additional resources, cover off hours or multiple time zones?
    • Will you even be able to access the specialty talent needed locally?  Not to mention the hiring, training, outfitting, and managing the team.
    • Will your organization rest on one or two key individuals or have accountability from an entire professional services organization?Allow MCA Connect to run your cost center as a profit center.  Our dedicated teams This is our business and we’ve been doing this with our dedicated teams for years leveraging industry best practices all the while providing our customers with a known predictable cost.  No surprises.
  4. Less downtime – Managing your system regularly and proactively means less emergencies and less downtime. We can schedule updates during slow periods to minimize disruption to the business.
  5. Less frustration – Few things are more frustrating than technology that’s not working correctly. Employees appreciate having an expert to turn to when the system isn’t operating properly. In an ideal world, customers would never be impacted by system issues. By having an outsourced service team available to you, you take an extra step toward increasing customer satisfaction and improving employee morale.

As a managed services provider for Microsoft solution, we want you to save money. We want you to save smart, and realize that DIY (do-it-yourself) does not always produce ROI (return on investment.)

Written By: Darryl Perkins, Managing Director, MCA Connect Managed Services