Tired of SAP BusinessObjects? We can help you migrate.

Business Intelligence (BI) is a necessity for companies to gain a competitive advantage in their markets. Does your Business Intelligence system provide immediate access to information to let you make critical business decisions quickly? If not, you may want to consider implementing new BI software.shutterstock_1237494658

SAP BusinessObjects, once a satisfactory system, is slowly becoming difficult to use and the support for the system is fading out. Your company needs a system that will stay current with new technology, support your data models and has an easy user experience.

Why would you stay on SAP BusinessObjects?

The simplest thing to do is nothing, make no change. The system works, why put in all the effort of upgrading? If you stay, you experience:

  • Less capital expenditure.
  • No retraining of users.
  • Less business disruption.

But what you don’t know…

While you’re staying comfortable with your outdated system, your competitors are beginning to make moves to gain competitive advantages in the market. Modern business intelligence and business analytics systems give you the opportunity to hurdle your competition. One could debate the differences between a legacy SAP BusinessObjects solution and modern business intelligence system like Power BI. However, the ultimate truth is that most modern BI systems today, will give you an advantage over the outdated BI system you’re currently running.

What do modern BI systems have that SAP BusinessObjects doesn’t?

The benefits are significant. No matter what version of older business intelligence software you are running, you’re guaranteed to experience multiple advantages with a newer system:

  • Better insight – With a modern BI system, like Power BI, you can assess your business in real time. You can view reports easily and see actionable insights from your dashboards.
  • More support options – As newer technologies and software are brought to market; the talent pool shifts to this newer technology. Over time this means less and less support for legacy products like SAP Business Objects. One only needs to look at the thousands of SAP Business Objects professionals who have retrained into Power BI.
  • User experience – Nearly everyone knows how to use a PC and their smartphone today. The screens are colorful. Menu options are intuitive. Information is available on the go. Modern BI systems look and feel more like all the other productivity tools in your office.
  • More functionality – Many dashboards or reports are delivered as ‘out of the box’ functionality with modern BI systems. Creating custom dashboards and specific reports to gain is much easier with modern BI systems.

Why Wait?

BI systems like SAP BusinessObjects were once the dominant players when it came to business intelligence systems. Although these systems had robust capabilities, they did not always respond to the complex needs of large enterprises. Microsoft Power BI is giving companies insights they didn’t know they had before, leading to a competitive advantage. Don’t continue to sit in the shadow of your competitors who have already upgraded.

In years past, implementing a new system would have taken weeks, maybe months. With Power BI, your new system and dashboards can be viewed in just hours or days. There’s never been an easier time to switch BI systems. You’ll have to move off SAP BusinessObjects eventually. Why not now? Contact us to begin your business analytics upgrade with Power BI.

Author: Mark Hatting, Analytics Practice Director

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