Top 5 Engineering Auto Supply Trends

As the auto industry embraces brave new technology like driverless cars, what does that mean for auto suppliers? How is the engineering department being impacted? What trends will be embraced over the coming 5 years?shutterstock_421484053-1

This blog was written to help answer some of your questions. From our deep experience within the automotive manufacturing industry, here are the top 5 engineering auto supply trends we’re seeing:

1. 3-D Printing

Engineering departments are becoming increasingly reliant on 3-D printing, and not always just for prototyping. Low-volume, high mix auto suppliers are turning to 3-D printing to keep production costs down.

2. Machine-based Learning for Connected Cars

As car manufacturers outsource more of their software development work for navigation systems, entertainment and security, engineers are increasingly relying on machine-based learning. Rather than programming all the variables, engineering departments are leveraging Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) to create connected car technology.

3. Predictive Analytics

With already tight margins, automotive suppliers want assurance that they’re producing the right components. Using predictive analytics can help you build a collaborative R&D/Engineering relationship with the auto manufacturer that will differentiate you from other auto suppliers.

4. Strict Change Management from Sales to Production

The product pitched in the RFP often bears little resemblance to the first product to come off the assembly line. Auto supply engineering teams are using engineering change management software to ensure design, costs, safety and pricing stay in alignment every step of the way.

5. Engineering for Aftermarket Service

As the line continues to blur between OEM and supplier, automotive suppliers are being asked to become aftermarket service providers. Engineers must take into account FIT (failure in time) rates and service requirements on the products they engineer.

What trends and technologies has your auto supply engineering department embraced?

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Author: Doug Bulla, VP- ERP Business Development

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