Top Challenges Faced by Electronics Manufacturers

The global marketplace is constantly evolving. No other industry experiences more change than electronics. New technology becomes available at an alarming rate. In order to remain competitive in the electronics industry, electronics manufacturers must be able to keep up. Because of this unique demand, electronics companies of all shapes and sizes face the following challenges.

Short Product Life Cycles

Technology evolves to meet the wants and needs of consumers. It’s crucial for electronics manufacturers to have the right processes in place for new product introduction. Having the right processes and technology in place ensures new products meet all quality, volume and release requirements.

Meeting Demand

Demand for technology is rapidly changing. Because technology is so closely intertwined with demand, it is extremely vulnerable to changes in local conditions. Production capabilities should be kept lean and able to shift to meet changing demand.Untitled design (70)

Managing Service and Warranty

Having good quality control measures in place ensures that only high-quality products are produced. However, sometimes things go wrong and being able to service faulty parts as opposed to replacing products under warranty, saves both time and money. It also allows electronics manufacturers to provide a greater level of customer service and increase trust in their brand.

Power Consumption

It’s becoming more and more important for electronics manufacturers to produce smaller products that last longer and consume less power. This can be a challenge for manufacturers without the equipment or technology necessary to create new products.

Quality Control

With so many electronics companies competing in the marketplace, it’s more important than ever to produce good quality products. Consumers want electronic products that operate the way they should. Strict quality control measures ensure consistent quality of all products produced.

So, what can be done about all these challenges? We mentioned before that having the right process and technology in place ensures the manufacturer can meet the product quality, volume and release requirements. But what are those processes and technology platforms that can help you increase your on-time deliveries and better manage your production line? We understand Master Planning has been a tool and strategy that has worked in the past, but we believe there is something better to address the challenges above and prepare your company for the future.

Our solution, Fixed Interval Scheduling, acts as a gateway to scheduling your highly complex, electronics orders. The solution evaluates the high priority orders first and determines if there is the capacity, materials, assembly line, and machines to build it. Fixed Interval Scheduling selects and schedules only the orders that can be built, finished, and shipped now, so there are no partially complete products sitting on the shop floor This way, you are quick to adjust to demand, you always have the necessary resources and materials available for your orders, and you can ensure the products are being built to meet quality and expectations.

If you’re an Electronics Manufacturer, and you’re looking to gain a competitive advantage through technology, this solution is a great start. Contact us to learn more about how you can increase your on-time deliveries, improve your cash flow, and get better insight into your production line.

Author: Doug Bulla, VP of Solution Development


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