Microsoft Excel & Word Templates with Dynamics CRM

Using Microsoft Excel & Word Templates with Dynamics CRMEval_Guide_Tech_Upgrade_Background_01

Microsoft Dynamics CRM (recently rebranded as Dynamics 365 for Sales) is a productivity powerhouse. When used by organizations to manage sales, marketing, service, Dynamics 365 can be a lifesaver, allowing your team to collaborate and communicate with fewer meetings and less confusion.

Goals for CRM Implementations

Some of the goals companies often have when implementing a CRM system are:

  • Accelerating the sales & marketing process
  • Creating consistency in customer service
  • Improving operational efficiency

Recently Microsoft made improvements to the system to make it easier for Dynamics 365 for Sales to work natively with Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. These new features make it easier than ever to:

  • Run reports
  • Generate documents
  • Respond to marketing, sales & service inquiries

Create templates for reuse

Some Microsoft Word and Excel templates come pre-built into the Dynamics 365 for Sales system.  You can use these as starting points – or create your own. The templates are then automatically merged with your own company data.

Learn to create your own templates

Dan Stein from MCA Connect’s Managed Services department walks through the steps and helps you avoid any little “gotchas” during this recorded webcast.

Author: Dan Stein