What do CFOs like about Dynamics 365?

CFOs are constantly balancing the company’s limitations of today with the possibilities of tomorrow. They look for hidden risks and ways to capitalize on unseized opportunities. With these priorities in mind, let’s look at how a Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation meets the evaluation criteria for CFOs.Blog_02.18.19

 What we hear from CFOs about what they value in Dynamics 365:

  1. Dynamics 365 is industry specific. Even as a broad software application, Microsoft has created hundreds of industry-specific features. ISV partners have extended Dynamics 365 into niche industries even further (you can find these Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations on AppSource). Microsoft partners, like ourselves, tie the solution together by providing industry-specific consulting services and support. CFOs are vocal about their preference for ERP solutions that have been proven in their industry, with consulting resources who can add value from day 1 of the software project.
  2. Dynamics 365 is globalized. ERP software solutions running in geographic silos often run into trouble. When your supply chain is global, your ERP solution needs to be available in multiple currencies, multiple languages and follow-the-sun support services.
  3. Dynamics 365 is scalable. With Dynamics 365, you buy what you need today, and add as you grow. You can add additional Dynamics 365 applications to extend functionality – like Sales, Field Service, Project Service Automation and the like. You can also add users and additional services. If you were to merge or divest a business unit, your ERP software adapts to the size and scale you need.  That means you’re never over purchasing just to ‘future proof’ your technology investment. When you’re ready to grow, your software will grow with you.
  4. Dynamics 365 provides insight for innovation. Gaining a competitive edge requires having the knowledge of what to do, and the capability to act. Business analytics tools like Power BI provide almost real-time information in a context that makes sense to your business users. Because Dynamics 365 allows you to easily configure your software without coding, you have the flexibility to extend it to meet new business needs.
  5. Dynamics 365 is always up-to-date and offers a great user experience. Because Dynamics 365 is a SaaS solution, available in the cloud, versioning is automatically taken care of by “the system administrators in the cloud.” Being cloud-based also makes Dynamics 365 inherently mobile, available via any mobile or tablet application. Studies repeatedly show that enterprise software project success depends on user adoption. By offering familiar tools that make it easy to collaborate with colleagues and work with other everyday productivity applications like Office 365, CFOs increase the likelihood of project success.

The bottom line for CFOs is that Dynamics 365 is a great tool to improve the bottom line, while reducing risk to the organization. Contact us today for more information.

 Author: Doug Bulla, VP Business Development

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