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One of the great things about Microsoft is the robust Microsoft Partner Channel. For most Microsoft Solutions, you literally have thousands of options available to you. With Field Service, your options are more limited. And when you’re looking for a partner with specific implementation and support capabilities, the options are even fewer.Blog_02.15.19

If you’re considering a purchase of Dynamics 365 for Field Service, but you’re just not sure which partner to use for Field Service implementation and support services, then you’ve come to the right place.

Here are 5 ways to decide if MCA Connect will be a good fit for your Service-based industry needs:

1. You want enterprise-level implementation services and support. Only a minority of field service partners have the resources to support thousands of field service users. Our close relationship with Microsoft and strong network of employees, consultants and partners enables us to consistently deliver innovative solutions to our clients.

2. Your business is in the service-based, manufacturing or energy industry. Nearly all our clients do some sort of field service. That means they send technicians to job sites to install, maintain, or repair equipment, perform inspections, or other onsite services.

That’s NOT to say that they’ve all deployed Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service – or even any field service software. Some of our clients choose to leverage Field Service software and some don’t, so we see both sides. That said, we see the common business challenges that clients without Field Service software experience, and those with don’t. These include:

  • Inability to deal with cancellations, reschedules and high-priority service calls
  • Poor visibility into service agreements, prior customer communication and onsite service calls
  • Lack of real-time updates from field technicians, resulting in information silos

Because we see how companies manage operations with and without field service software, we are firm believers that “with” is better. We’ve developed expertise in field service and continue to refine our templates, tools and technologies.

3. You want to create new revenue streams or want to move your service business from a cost center to a profit center. Your experienced and professional staff are your secret sauce. For many organizations, particularly in the manufacturing and energy industries, field service is a cost center, rather than a profit center. MCA Connect can help you develop and execute a strategy to cut costs, but more importantly, develop new revenue streams and create strategic differentiation.

4. You want more than just field service software. Dynamics 365 is no longer ‘just’ CRM, and the importance of breaking down the data silos that have traditionally separated ERP and CRM workloads has never been greater. One of the big advantages for working with MCA Connect is that we can help you across the entire Dynamics 365 stack - from Finance and Operations to Customer Engagement. Additionally, we have experts in technologies that complement the Dynamics offering, such as Business analytics, Azure & IoT, and Business Transformation services. Our team is prepared to fully support multiple facets of your business.

5. You want to know you have ongoing application support. While this is mentioned in the point above, our application support services merit special attention. MCA Connect has a dedicated team of support professionals. Each ongoing client has their own designated team – a functional consultant, a technical consultant and an account manager. We offer follow-the-sun 24/7 support for those who require it. Our services are personalized and personable.

Author: Travis Pullen, Engagement Manager

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