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How can you embrace digital transformation trends without spending hundreds of thousands – or even millions - of dollars on the big consulting firms? By seeing if a Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution from MCA Connect might be a better fit for you.shutterstock_421484053-1

The oil and gas industry is big and complex, but your ERP and CRM software doesn’t have to be. We’ve implemented Microsoft Dynamics 365 (and its predecessors Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics CRM) for some of the biggest energy industry companies in the world.

The key to success is understanding where a Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation makes sense – and having an experienced technology partner to help with the implementation and support.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is ideal for oil and gas companies if you want to:

1. Have an agile, local solution that can either be used as a full ERP-CRM solution and/or connect to a tier-one ERP system

2. Reduce your system maintenance and customization costs by leveraging your Microsoft technology infrastructure

3. Give your team easy-to-use, familiar software that can be accessed security online – and can collect information offline

4. Enhance your revenue stream by improving field service operations

5. Improve operations through better management of equipment, jobs and resources

6. Simplify the joint venture accounting process

Why Choose MCA Connect?

MCA Connect is the partner who can help you leverage your technology by providing innovative solutions.

1. We’ve worked with some of the biggest oil and gas companies in the world. Whether you’re in energy exploration, oilfield services or midstream operations, we can help you better manage your operations.

2. Our EnergyCONNECT solution extends the functionality of Microsoft Dynamics 365 with oil and gas industry specific requirements, such as:
  • AFE Management to better manage expenditures
  • Joint Venture Accounting for dividing income and expenses fairly based on ownership, mineral leasing rights and land interests
  • Oilfield Rental Management to optimize the use and maintenance of oilfield rental equipment
3. Our team can help you find new revenue opportunities and prioritize service requests:
  • Our SAP-CRM connector gives you an easy way to manage sales opportunities, while keeping SAP as the main system of record
  • Our Field Service experts can help you optimize scheduling, based on numerous factors such as your client SLAs (service level agreements), well productivity, IoT sensor reading thresholds, technician certifications and geography
  • We also have built a number of extensions to assist with business areas such as grievance management, stakeholder management, and well management
4. As a 9-year veteran of Microsoft’s Inner Circle and recipient of Microsoft Partner of the Year awards, we have close ties within Microsoft, the partner community and the ISV community. MCA Connect experts help you create and support your digital transformation by:
  • Identifying gaps in your digital transformation strategy
  • Mapping out the technology, resources and processes you need to achieve your goals
  • Implementing and extending Microsoft Dynamics 365 to fit your exact requirements
  • Validating and improving your results through business analytics, including predictive analytics and machine learning
  • Supporting your applications and infrastructure through our dedicated managed support team.
Contact us to learn more about how Microsoft Dynamics 365 and MCA Connect can provide your company with an easy, more affordable way to embrace digital transformation.

David Huether, VP- Engagement & Alliance Management

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